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Cerebra Pro Bono Research Programme

Cerebra is a unique children’s charity concerned with improving the lives of children with neurological conditions and their families.

Cerebra has endowed a Research Chair at the School of Law to help families overcome commonly occurring legal problems that they encounter when seeking to access their legal entitlements.

The research programme – the Legal Entitlements and Problem-Solving (LEaP) Project - works closely with the Cerebra in-house research unit.

Students across the School – and indeed other schools within the University - can apply to be involved with Cerebra Pro Bono Research Programme. The research covers a wide range of subjects all of which relate to challenges experienced by disabled children and their families in accessing their legal entitlements (for example, transport to school , grants to adapt their homes, NHS diagnoses, and facilities to live independently in the community). The programme works closely with the Cerebra research team as well as other local and national disabled people’s organisations. 

The programme produces reports which are used to raise awareness and bring about practical change in the law and public policy and practices. 

The programme generally commences in October / November each year and the final reports are published the following Spring term.

For more information about the Cerebra Pro Bono Programme, including opportunities for current law students to volunteer, please email



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