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Professor Dagmar Schiek
Dr Jen Hendry
Deputy Director
Centre for European Law and Legal Studies
School of Law
The Liberty Building
University of Leeds

Tel: 0113 343 7771
Email: cells@leeds.ac.uk

Centre for European Law and Legal Studies

The Centre of European Law and Legal Studies (CELLS) builds on a long tradition of interdisciplinary research in European studies in the School of Law, commencing with the inauguration of the Centre of European Law and Policy in 1993. 

It hosts a Jean Monnet ad personam Chair in EU Law and Policy, and is well connected to the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and the Jean Monnet Chairs in the Leeds University Business School (LUBS), as well as the School of Political and International Studies (POLIS). 

It also hosts international links with the Jean Monnet Programme, the IUS COMMUNE research school through its director, as well as a number of other universities worldwide.

We have ...

  • eight academic staff members within the school
  • fifteen external academic staff members beyond the school and beyond Leeds
  • and nine PhD researchers.

The University of Leeds has an internationally acknowledged position in European Studies, among others evidenced by the fact that it will host the annual conference of the University Association on Contemporary European Studies (UACES) “Exchanging Ideas on Europe” in September 2013.

The Centre of European Law and Legal Studies organises its research in three research foci.

  • European and International Equality Law
  • Economic and Social Constitutionalism
  • Governance and Legitimacy in the EU

The Centre seeks to expand to include researchers linking an interest in EU economic law to the EU’s mission in social integration and/or researchers with an interest in legal pluralism.

It hosts and participates in a range of internationally-funded research projects and networks in the fields of Equality Law, including a series of European Conferences on Multidimensional Equality Law and the Academic Network of Experts in Disability Studies. 

The results of externally funded projects attracted under the theme “European Economic and Social Constitutionalism” have recently been published by Cambridge University Press. This research focus will expand towards economic governance and social integration from European and Global Perspectives, in cooperation with larger projects in LUBS. 

The research focus on Governance and Legitimacy is the home to projects on the role of the European Court of Justice and its judicial ideologies, on legal pluralism linked to spatial issues such as the collective use of natural resources including lands, and to regionalism and localism. 

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