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ESRC Seminar Series: Anti-Social Behaviour in Housing and Residential Areas

15 November 2007 | 10.00 am - 4.30 pm | Seminar
Sheffield Hallam University

This second seminar in the ESRC 'Governing through Anti-social Behaviour' series explored the rise of the ASB agenda and the introduction of specific measures designed to address ASB within the context of housing and residential areas.

In particular, it focused on the use, impact and implications of ASBOs, injunctions, demotion orders, probationary tenancies, 'crack house' closure orders, proposed premises closure orders, child curfew orders, dispersal orders and acceptable behaviour contracts.

The seminar drew out the genesis of the contemporary ASB agenda and located it in a recent historic context.

It considered the balance of enforcement and preventive measures and scope for future developments.


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Sheffield Hallam University.

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