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First European Conference on Multidimensional Equality Law: Summary

11 May 2007 - 12 May 2007 | Conference
Oldenburg i.O., Germany

Developing Interdisciplinary Perspectives

The First European Conference on Multidimensional Equality Law was convened in 2007, in order to offer a critical forum to reflect on multidimensionality. The organisers (Professor D Schiek and V Chege, LL.M) anticipated to become a major conceptual theme for European Equality Law for the years to come.

The reason for this anticipation is still current: European equality law and policy has not yet developed a clear concept of rationales. Such concept becomes ever more important following the multiplication of "discrimination grounds", i.e., the personal ascriptions discrimination for which is prohibited.

At the same time, the challenges of achieving substantive equality (as opposed to formal equal treatment) and inclusion (in contrast to avoiding marginalisation) needs to be met.

This is especially difficult if addressing disadvantage in several dimensions, as the challenge of doing justice to diverging phenomena of intersectionality still needs to be met. For this reason, we endeavour to convene a trans-European group of researchers collaborating on this theme.

We consider a critical assessment of these issues beyond the reach of any one discipline. This is the reason why the first of our planned series of conferences focuses on interdisciplinary perspectives.

Details of the conference programme are available on the University of Oldenburg's website

Second European Conference on Multidimensional Equality Law: Investigating the triangle between racial, gender and disability discrimination

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