School of Law

ESRC Seminar Series: Diversity and Anti-Social Behaviour

05 June 2008 | 9.45 am - 4.15 pm | Seminar
University of Birmingham

This fourth seminar in the ESRC 'Governing through Anti-social Behaviour' series analysed the interface between ASB and the policing of security, in the context of post-7/7 anti-terrorism concerns and government policies. It sought understandings of, and responses to, diversity and faith.

The seminar explored the cultural meanings of ASB and disorder, how different groups respond to them and the differential impact of interventions on different minority ethnic and social groups.

It also explored gender assumptions, dynamics and implications of ASB.

The seminar considered the connections (tensions and congruities) between ASB interventions and civil renewal processes. It explored links between the government's ASB and Diversity agendas for theory, policy and practice.


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University of Birmingham.

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