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Professor Dora Kostakopoulou: The Anatomy of Civic Integration in the EU and the Member States

01 December 2009 | 2.30pm - 4.00pm (Refreshments from 2.00pm) | Workshop
Beech Grove House, University of Leeds

This lecture highlights a new facet of “Fortress Europe”: While social integration used to be a term implying an effort of inclusion, the concept of Civic Integration in EU migration law and policy is increasingly used as a restrictive measure imposed upon third country nationals who want to live in the EU and enjoy any citizenship rights.

Professor Kostakopoulou (Jean Monnet Chair in European Law and European Integration, Manchester University), specialises in EU Citizenship and EU migration law and policy. Her most recent monograph on this issue “The Future Governance of Citizenship” (CUP 2008) questions the traditional exclusion of “aliens” from the concept of citizenship and develops a new institutional framework for a national citizenship. Her critical perspective, which links EU law and policy with concepts from political theory and global developments, will ensure an inspiring event for students and researchers from law, political science and sociology.

Location Details

Beech Grove House
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT

Beech Grove House is located centrally on campus, opposite the students' union and is number thirty-three on the campus map.

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