School of Law

Death And Life Of A Great European Standard: Crime Prevention By Urban Planning And Design

24 November 2009 | 5.00pm | Seminar
Beech Grove House, University of Leeds

On behalf of the Council of the European Union, the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) produces norms and standards for quality assurance for products in a variety of economic fields such as transportation, pharmacy, electronics, food-production and the building industry. Supported by the industrial sector and driven by powerful businesses, market mechanisms have become increasingly influential in local governance in European countries. This presentation reviews the work process of an expert group in the CEN and draws some conclusions on the particular outcomes: What kind of design-guidelines did they suggest to national urban planning authorities? What kind of obstacles were they confronted with during their work? Did they succeed? Was this project a failure? Is this form of crime prevention compatible with the strategy of “governance through norms and standards”? What is the future for design-led crime prevention in Europe?

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Seminar Room
Beech Grove House
University of Leeds


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