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Understanding the Financial Crisis: Pay, Risk and Responsibility in the 21st Century: Professor Alan Dignam, School of Law, Queen Mary, University of London

15 February 2010 | 5.30pm (for 6.00pm) to 7.00pm | Seminar
Leeds University Business School

The paper examines a number of inter-related aspects of the financial crisis that unfolded in Autumn 2008. Using pay as a focal point, the paper argues that a combined failure of financial regulation, of shareholder monitoring, the failure of managers, the failure of banks as organisations and in a broader sense the failure of societal values played important roles in the collapse of the banks and related institutions. Understanding and addressing these failures must then it argues also form part of the solution if we are to avoid a repetition of the financial crisis.

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Seminar Room 1.33
Leeds University Business School
University of Leeds


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