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Policing Against Terror

11 May 2011 | 3.00pm | Seminar
Liberty Building, University of Leeds

Tom Tyler teaches in the Psychology Department and the Law School at New York University. He earned his B.A. in Psychology from Columbia University and his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from UCLA.

Tom Tyler's research is concerned with authority dynamics within organized groups. In particular, he has studied the role judgments about the fairness of outcomes and the justice of procedures play in shaping people's reactions to decisions made by authorities. His work demonstrates that the legitimacy of authorities is strongly linked to judgments about their fairness. More recently he has been concerned with understanding why people care about their treatment by others, and has examined that issue in a variety of organizational contexts. He has also studied the implications of diversity and multiculturalism for the operation of rule and authority systems in organizations.

His books include: The Social Psychology of Procedural Justice (1988); Why People Obey the Law (1990, 2006); Trust in Organizations (Co-edited, 1996); Social Justice in a Diverse Society (1997); Cooperation in Groups (2000); Cooperation in Modern Society (Co-edited, 2000); Social Influences on Ethical Behavior in Organizations (Co-edited, 2001); Trust in the Law (2002); and Psychology and the Design of Legal Institutions (2007).

For those of you unfamiliar with Tom Tyler's work you maybe interested in his NYU Profile for Law and also his NYU Profile for Social Psychology.


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