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Some thoughts on the relevance of contemporary UK Insolvency Law in the Insolvency Law Reform Programmes of former British Colonies

23 February 2011 | 5:30pm (for 6:00pm) to 7:00pm | Seminar
Room G.33, School of Law, The Liberty Building

This is part of the public lecture series organised by the Centre for Business Law and Practice, in the School of Law, University of Leeds. These events attract postgraduates, both research and taught, undergraduates, staff and local practitioners and designed for anyone interested in commercial law issues.

As a senior consultant for the World Bank, and an academic expert in insolvency regulation, both in the UK and South Africa, Professor David Burdette will be providing a general overview and discussion of UK insolvency law with particular reference to its importance and influence on law reform in the former British Colonies.

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Room G.33
School of Law
The Liberty Building
University of Leeds

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