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Post-crisis Trajectories of European Corporate Governance: Dealing with the Present and Shaping the Future

21 September 2012 | 8.30am to 6.00pm | Workshop
School of Law, University of Leeds

The Centre for Business Law and Practice (School of Law, University of Leeds) and the School of Law (Queen Mary, University of London) are proud to announce the workshop on Post-crisis Trajectories of European Corporate Governance: Dealing with the Present and Shaping the Future kindly sponsored by the Journal of Law and Society.

The workshop’s focus reflects the general idea that the current economic crisis may have signalled a national, regional and global need for a reassessment of economic regulation and structure more generally. This cannot leave corporate governance unaffected and therefore relevant policy and institutional elements should be re-evaluated to deal with structural failures.

Uncertainty about the efficiency of economic governance and corporate governance in particular is even more pronounced in Europe due to its institutional peculiarities as a union of sovereign states, and this not only makes the EU an interesting case, but also renders the re-evaluation and coordination of corporate governance even more imperative. Is there or should there be a unified corporate governance trajectory in the EU? If so, should it be reoriented or merely an upgrade of current arrangements would be sufficient? Which agents should be responsible for formulating policy in this area and how? What is the place and significance of EU corporate governance in the wider economic context of the region and how can it interact with cross-regional competition?

There is a need for these issues to be tackled if policy is to deliver sound results and the on-going crisis renders answering these questions even more imperative as corporate governance structures form part of the wealth distribution channels in the economy. So this workshop aims to instigate a dialogue between leading academics in the area about how European corporate governance policy could/should evolve in the aftermath of the crisis, the potential for a European paradigm and its place in the global economic context.


The workshop will be divided into four sessions:

Session 1 of this workshop will seek to explore the political economy aspects of EU corporate governance as an exercise of finding its appropriate place in the European economic model of the future and an attempt to define the economic goals that institutional design should serve.

Session 2 will seek to assess the desired role and form of specific structural aspects of corporate governance, such as the regulation of financial and labour markets, the market for corporate control and the governance role of shareholders, executive pay, and the role of creditors in corporate restructurings.

Session 3 will investigate the capabilities of various regulatory/coordination mechanisms and agents available that could or should drive corporate governance structural reform.

Session 4 will look at the broader picture and explore potential interactions of EU corporate governance with cross-regional competition from the US and East Asia.




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