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In search of resilience: exploring shifting paradigms of contingency management - legal perspectives on contingencies and resilience

19 March 2013 | 10:00h to 16:00h | Seminar
Royal United Services Institute, London

ESRC research seminar series

In Search of Resilience: exploring shifting paradigms of contingency management

Strand 2: Legal perspectives on contingencies and resilience

Many of the hazards faced by 21st century society reflect changes within the broader risk domain, characterised by high levels of unpredictability and low tolerance to risk.

Such hazards and the attitudes they engender can require novel response and regulation. Within the UK, responses have involved a range of initiatives which span the creation of new structures (such as the Civil Contingencies Secretariat and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure), new laws (such as the Civil Contingencies Act 2004) and new processes (the UK Capabilities Programme, the National Risk Register, and Local Resilience Forums).

These pressures and changes have been equally experienced in other jurisdictions. In the US, the Department of Homeland Security has taken on the mantle of all-risks administrator, though its success in doing so is open to debate. Australia and Canada also have witnessed a recalibration of blueprints for emergency planning and response. The European Union has become a player in the contingencies field through its European Programme for Critical Infrastructure Protection. Few western countries have been untouched by these themes, though, as revealed by the fate of Norway in the light of the attacks by Anders Breivik, there will always be scope for self-doubt and further effort.

This symposium, which is part of a wider series funded by the ESRC, will consider trends in the legal frameworks around risks and responses, with an emphasis on policy backgrounds and international comparisons.

Speakers include ...

  • Dr Michael Eburn (Australian National University)
  • Professor John Mueller (Ohio State University)
  • Emeritus Professor Frank Gregory (Southampton University)
  • Dr Catherine Appleton
  • Dr Jennifer Coles (RUSI)
  • Dr Andrew Blick (KCL)
  • Dr Martina McGuinness (Sheffield University)
  • Professor Clive Walker (Leeds University)

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A limited number of places are still available for this attendance at this symposium. We especially welcome applications from research students and academics who are working in these areas of policy and law. No charge is made for attendance but please contact the convenor for registration.


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