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CELLS Researcher Symposium: The EU Contribution to Social Justice – Global Perspectives

12 March 2014 | 10:30-13:00 (speakers), 15:00-16:00 (further discussion) | Seminar
Room G.28, The Liberty Building

This year the symposium is focused on the EU's contribution to social justice. Social justice concerns maintaining an ethical equilibrium of the contributions of people and groups in socioeconomic exchange. It is a broad concept, and themes may encompass guaranteeing labour rights, welfare rights or disability rights, improving employment conditions or access to healthcare, changing the legal frames for families or balancing environmental or data protection against commercial interests. The EU's policies inspired by overcoming the global and regional economic crisis, frequently threaten social justice. Internally, the EU puts pressure on member states and societal actors to reduce public spending or lower wages, implying that stable budgets and efficiency prevail over social justice.

Externally, the EU may be a negative rather than a positive trendsetter globally with such policies. The PhD researcher symposium is generally an opportunity for PhD students to present work in progress (receiving constructive feedback in a friendly environment) and for others to garner a greater understanding of the research projects currently taking place.

The confirmed papers come from universities based in Belgium, France and the UK, with topics ranging from protection of wage levels, health care and labour rights under the internal market and competition law, comparative welfare policies, social justice in consumer law towards data protection and environmental law. These combine to make what is sure to be an interesting and inspiring event.


Vilija Velyvyte, ‘The Cost of Fitting Social Policy Into the Frame of Internal Market: Substantive and Constitutional Implications of CJEU Free Movement Case Law Involving Labour Issues’ (University of Oxford, UK) comments by Andrea Gideon

Adrien Jammet, ‘The Contradictory Approach of EU Law to Personal Data’ (University of Lille, France) comments by Jeremy Harmer

Leonie Reins, ‘Shale Gas as an Option for Social and Environmental Justice?’ (KU Leuven, Belgium) comments by Neil Stanley

Petra Weingerl, ‘Social Justice Through the Prism of Vulnerable Groups in EU Law’ (University of Oxford, UK) comments by Dr Sarah Brown

Amanda Shriwise, ‘(Re-)Examining the National Element of Welfare State Regimes’ (University of Oxford, UK) comments by Dr Donna Wood

There will then be an afternoon session from 15:00 - 16:00 for further discussion.

Further information and updates about the Jean Monnet Action research project including seminar information is available on the website.

All seminars are free of charge to attend and are open to all students but for planning purposes please confirm attendance (including dietary requirements) via email to Michael Randall by Monday 10th March 2014. 


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Room G.28,
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