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Advance decision-making – the context, the promise and the pitfalls

24 March 2015 | 09:30-16:00 | Seminar
2.46, The Liberty Building

This seminar is the first in the seminar series ‘Towards a European understanding of advance decision-making: a comparative, interdisciplinary approach,’ funded by the ESRC. 

The grant holders are Samantha Halliday (principal investigator – Associate Professor in Law, University of Leeds); Gillian Hundt (Professor of Social Science in Health, University of Warwick); and Jörg Richter (Professor in Clinical Psychology, Universtität Rostock, University of Hull). 

The seminar series aims to facilitate the founding of an interdisciplinary European research network investigating the legal,social and medical attitudes toward precedent autonomy within Europe and to developing a European strategy to enhance advance decision-making in all its forms. It seeks to promote and support high quality research and to encourage a more

critical and constructive assessment of the law relating to advance decision-making within Europe, interlinking legal discourse with policy and practice discourses on aspects of mental health and mental incapacity law, promoting a multiperspective dialogue and analysis. It will bring together leading researchers, practitioners, PhD students and third sector workers from across Europe.

The series seeks:

  • to develop our understandings of how advance decision-making operates, at a legal, healthcare professional and social level
  • to inform implementation strategies to encourage uptake of advance decisions from people who would like to exercise prospective autonomy and to facilitate the drafting of advance decisions that reflect the author's intentions and are likely to be capable of implementation
  • to consider ways in which the European Union may have a role to play in promoting European advance decisions, effective within the EEA
  • to collaborate on the production of a special issue of a high-ranking journal addressing these issue

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