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China and the World Trade Organisation

08 December 2015 | 13:00 - 14:00 | Seminar

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China has been a member of WTO for more than ten years. WTO accession was an important event in the process of China’s opening up to the outside world and marked a new and historical era for the policy of opening-up. How and why China had struggled so hard to get access to the WTO deserve recording. Most-favoured nation treatment, National treatment, etc. are the rights China has pursued for. At the same time, China commits to provide non-discrimination treatment to import products and provide market access to trade in services, follow the rule of transparency and apply uniform administration. All these commitments can be found in the Protocol on the Accession of the People’s Republic of China and the Report of the Working Party which are integral parts of the package of WTO agreements. Substantive rights and obligations need escorting by procedural mechanism. WTO is the international forum China would like to accept its jurisdiction and China has faced near 50 cases either as a respondent or as a complainant. China proudly announces that it has enforced all the suggestions put up forward by Panel and Appellate Body of the WTO and sets a good example among member states. Last year, A Notice on Strengthening Trade Policy Compliance (No.?2014?29, June 9, 2014) was promulgated by State Council. It has become clear that trade policy compliance is not only a trade issue in China. It is relevant to rule of law development. The importance of rule of law for economic development is obvious and anybody who is following on China knows that this country is focusing on building a rule-of-law society.

Yongmei Chen is professor of International law and Director of International Economic Law Teaching and Research Section, School of Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, China. She has a PhD in law, is arbitrator of Chongqing Arbitration Commission and Hainan Arbitration Commission, China, a member of the Councils of Chinese Society of International Economic Law, WTO Law Research Society of China Law Society and China-ASEAN Legal Research Center.

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