School of Law

History, Policy and Public Debate

24 September 2015 | 10:00h - 16:15h | Workshop
Leeds Humanities Research Institute

The event aims to explore the importance of research on the past to contemporary public policy and debate. It is organised as part of the University’s 'Culture' theme, and is motivated in part by the desire to foster greater dialogue over the past between the humanities and the social sciences within the University.

Most of the time will be devoted to groups discussions, which will explore opportunities for using historical research (broadly conceived) to inform policy and public debate. In addition, there will be a panel outlining previous and ongoing research projects which are designed to impact on public policy at various levels. Barry Godfrey, Professor of Social Justice at the University of Liverpool, will deliver a keynote talk on the event theme.

If you are interested in attending, please send a paragraph about your work and interests of not more than about 150 words to or

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Leeds Humanities Research Institute

University of Leeds

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