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Police Outsourcing: Experiences from Police Custody and Public Facing Suites

09 June 2015 | 10:30-15:30 | Seminar
University of York, Derwent College

This seminar will focus on learning from recent experiments in outsourcing aspects of police custody and other public facing functions, such as control rooms and town enquiry desks, to the private sector.

It will include speakers: Nancie Shackleton, Lincolnshire Police; John Shaw, G4S; Adam White, University of York; Andrew Woof, University of Sheffield; Adam Crawford, University of Leeds; John Graham, Police Foundation and Charlotte Pickles, Reform.


Dr Adam White - Police Outsourcing: Black, White and Grey

John Graham - Policing Austerity

Dr Andrew Wooff - Police Outsourcing in custody: Preliminary findings from the 'good' polce custody study

Location Details

University of York, Derwent College, D/056

Please find below a link to the University of York campus map with a pin dropped on Derwent College.  D/056 is not accessible through the main Derwent College building. The room has its own external entrance. The eastern end of the long campus lake forms part of a quad in Derwent College. The entrance to D/056 is on that quad.  Any problems, call Adam White on 07967 202192. 

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