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Contemporary Issues in Chinese and English Commercial Law: A Comparative Perspective

14th - 15th March

University of Leeds

In this Section:

This is the inaugural conference on Chinese and English Commercial Law organised by the China-Britain Joint Research Centre on Commercial Law (CBRCCL).

CBRCCL was launched in Shanghai on 19th November 2015 by the founding partners, the Centre for Business Law and Practice at the School of Law, University of Leeds together with the Institute of Economic Law at East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL). This new joint research centre is the culmination of several years of close collaboration between the School of Law at Leeds and ECUPL and will provide a unique platform to promote comparative research between China and Britain in the commercial law field.

The inaugural Conference will be hosted at the University of Leeds on 14th and 15th March 2016 and will be opened by the Hon Lord Dyson, the Master of Rolls. Papers will be presented by academics from China and the UK mainly from the founding institutions. The conference will provide an opportunity for the participants to present their papers and receive feedback but also to exchange ideas and discuss the current challenges and new developments in the commercial law of the two countries.

This year’s conference will have four streams:

  • Commercial Contract law;
  • Corporate Law;
  • Financial Regulation;
  • Competition Law and Regulation.

A limited number of places are available at the conference free of charge but registration in advance is required. If you are interested in attending please contact

14th March 2016

8:30 to 9:00


9:00 to 10:00

Welcome and Opening Speech

10:00 to 11:30: Commercial Contract Law Session (1) Chaired by Lord Dyson

Paper 1: The Penalty Clause in Contract Law (Roger Halson and Qiao Liu)

Paper 2: Punitive Damages in Contract (Xiling Jia)

11:30 to 11:45

Coffee Break

11:45 to 12:30: Commercial Contract Law Session (2) Chaired by Alastair Mullis

Paper 3: The Performance Interest in the Contract Laws of Asia (Alex Loke)

12:30 to 13:30: Lunch

13:30 to 15:00: Commercial Contract Law Session (3)

Paper 4: Specific Performance in Contract Law (Lei Chen)

Paper 5: The Rule of Changed Circumstances in China’s Contract Law (Guiming Shen)

15:00 to 15:15: Coffee Break

15:15 to 16:45: Corporate Law (1) Chaired by Duncan Sheehan

Paper 1: Disqualification of Director in Corporate Law (Joan Loughrey)

Paper 2: Comparative Review of Director Disqualification Framework in China and the UK (Yuan Zhao)

16:45 to 17:00 Coffee Break

17:00 to 18:30 Corporate Law (2) Chaired by Gerard McCormack

Paper 3: Execution of Corporate Contract (Guiming Shen)

Paper 4: An Analytical Study of Board Accountability in Transnational Codes of Corporate Governance (Andrew Keay, Leeds)

15th March 2016

9:00 to 10:30: Financial Regulation Chaired by Rita De La Feria

Paper 1: Reform of Entry Regulation of External Corporate Finance in China (Jing Leng)

Paper 2: Responsible lending and the law – A Comparative Perspective. (Sarah Brown and Geraint Howells)

10:30 to 10:45: Coffee Break

10:45 to 12:15: Competition Law and Regulation Chaired by Surya P Subedi

Paper 3: Cartel Criminalisation and the BRICS Countries: A Normative Assessment (Peter Whelan)

Paper 4: China’s Monopoly Agreements: Enforcement Practices and Perspectives (Gang Zhong)

12:15 to 12:30: Closing Speech

12:30 to 13:30: Lunch


Prof. Roger Halson (Professor of Contract and Commercial Law, University of Leeds)

Dr. Qiao Liu (Teng Fei Professor of Law, XI’An Jiao Tong University, Associate Professor of Law, University of Queensland)

Dr. Xiling Jia (Associate Professor of Law, ECUPL)

Prof. Alex Loke (Professor of Law, City University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Lei Chen (Associate Professor of Law, City University of Hong Kong)

Prof. Joan Loughrey (Professor of Law, University of Leeds)

Dr. Yuan Zhao (Lecturer in Law, ECUPL)

Prof. Guiming Shen (Professor of Law, ECUPL)

Prof. Andrew Keay (Professor of Corporate and Commercial Law)

Prof. Jing Leng (Professor of Law, ECUPL)

Prof. Geraint Howell (Professor of Law, City University of Hong Kong)

Dr. Sarah Brown (Lecturer in Law, University of Leeds)

Dr. Peter Whelan (Associate Professor of Law, University of Leeds)

Dr. Gang Zhong (Associate Professor of Law, ECUPL)


Other Participants:

The Master of the Rolls, The Right Honourable Lord Dyson

Prof. Gongyun Gu (Professor of Law, Vice President of ECUPL)

Dr. Dan Jiang (Associate Dean of International Cultural Exchange School, ECUPL)

Prof. Alastair Mullis (Professor of Law, Head of School, Leeds)

Prof. Gerard McCormack (Professor of International Business Law, Director of Centre for Business Law and Practice, Leeds)

Prof. Rita De La Feria (Professor of Tax Law, Leeds)

Prof. Duncan Sheehan (Professor of Business Law, Leeds)

Prof. Surya P Subedi (Professor of International Law, OBE, Leeds)

Dr. Jingchen Zhao (Associate Professor of Law, Leeds)

Mr. Zinian Zhang (Lecturer in Commercial Law, Leeds)

Dr. QI Zhou (George), (Associate Professor of Law, Leeds)

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