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AmeriCamp's revolution started at Leeds University!

17 October 2011 |

AmeriCamp's revolution started at Leeds University!

Former University of Leeds Law Students Lee McAteer and Nick Steiert have recently been making waves around the world in regards to what people refer to, as 'Camp America.'

After setting up AmeriCamp in late 2009, they have gone from strength to strength, accumulating in being named the number one summer camp organisation in the world by Save The Student.

These past Presidents of Leeds University Law Society are now able to offer students a package that in some instances pays nearly three times more than Camp America as well as offering discounted flights and flight flexibility with their partner STA Travel to people around the world.

With graduate jobs so hard to come by, the need for experience within student CVs is vital in order to allow them to progress in their prospective careers. AmeriCamp offers the chance for students to gain the nessessary skills for employment after graduation as well as offering excellent value for money.

Having recently been named an 'Enterprise Hero' by MIH Mentoring, Lee McAteer stated, "It was a dream of ours to compete with the likes of Camp America. In such a short space of time we have been able to send people from 16 countries around the world to work at summer camps in America. In hard economic times, especially with tuition fees on the rise, we are able to offer a package that is friendlier in students pockets than the rest of our competition."

Nick Steiert stated, 'Thanks to the opportunities of School of Law and Leeds University Student Union we have been able to use our experiences to our full potential in the business world. The result of which means we are able to offer students from our home university, opportunities they may have been no longer to afford.

With ex-students from Leeds University making such a huge impact in what people refer to as 'Camp America' AmeriCamp's Leeds Alumni can only inspire the students of today and in the future to go on and succeed to the best of their abilities.

For further information please contact AmeriCamp on 0161 408 3570 or contact AmeriCamp's press officer by email to

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