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Professor talks control to BBC Radio 4

19 January 2011 | Alex Greenwood

Professor Clive Walker shared his legal expertise on The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4's daily evening news and current affairs programme on Friday 7 January.

He spoke to presenter Robin Lustig about control orders that restrict the movement of terror suspects. His interview was part of a BBC Radio 4 news report that explored Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's comments about the inadequacy of control orders in their current form.

Professor Walker advanced his own solution to the ongoing legal challenges to control orders. He said the problem with control orders was that they suggested the Police and government had abandoned the idea of eventual prosecution. 

He proposed an alternative: a terrorism investigation order that would allow for special conditions to be imposed an individual while the Police investigated a case with a view to eventual prosectution. Professor Walker suggested these terrorism investigation orders would be "a kind of super Police Bail."

To hear Professor Clive Walker, visit BBC iplayer.

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