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Dissertation of School of Law Alumni Achas Burin is referenced by Australian High Court

22 October 2013 |

The Australian High Court references dissertation of Alumni, Achas Burin.

In an important decision on "offensive" speech, the High Court of Australia in Monis v The Queen [2013] HCA 4 referred to work by Professor Ian Cram and Achas Burin. Achas graduated in 2012 and her paper ("A 'Right Not to be Offended' Under Article 10(2) ECHR? Concerns in the Construction of the 'Rights of Others'") was based on work she did in her undergraduate dissertation.

This was subsequently published in the European Human Rights Law Review.  

Professor Cram's paper dealt with some of the issues raised by the Danish Cartoons case ( "The Danish Cartoons, Offensive Expression, and Democratic Legitimacy") and was published as part of a series of essays on  Extreme Speech and Democracy. Congratulations to both of them.

Please note: The reference to Achas' disseration is under her former name of Aatifa Khan.

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