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Dr Peter Whelan presents his criminal law research in Norway

7 November 2013 |

Dr Peter Whelan, an Associate Professor in Law and Deputy Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies at the School of Law, recently presented his criminal law research at a seminar and a conference in Norway.

On 29 October 2013, Dr Whelan visited the Bergen Center for Competition Law and Economics (BECCLE) where he delivered a seminar on the recent reform of the UK’s criminal Cartel Offence, which is contained in Section 188 of the Enterprise Act 2002. He argued, amongst other things, that while aspects of the reform should be welcomed (such as the removal of the requirement to prove dishonesty on the part of a cartelist) the creation of a defence of seeking legal advice about the lawfulness of a cartel is highly questionable and has the potential to undermine the objectives of the reform. 

The following day, Dr Whelan participated in a day-long conference held at the University of Bergen examining the issue of what makes an efficient system of criminal justice. Dr Whelan’s paper examined whether the use of criminal sanctions (in particular imprisonment) can be justified when a criminal justice system seeks to promote efficient law enforcement. His contribution will later be submitted for publication in a symposium edition of the Bergen Journal of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice.

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