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Susanne Karstedt wins Award for Excellence and delivers keynote speech

18 December 2013 |

Professor Karstedt has recently received an Award of Excellence from the University of Maribor, whilst also giving a number of significant lectures at universities across the globe.

On 24 September, Susanne Karstedt, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, received an Award of Excellence from the Faculty of Criminal Justice and Security, University of Maribor, in Ljubljana. The award honoured her work, engagement and collaboration with the Faculty, its staff and students.  The Award was presented by Professor Gorazd Mesko, Dean of the Faculty.

In addition to this achievement, Professor Karstedt gave the keynote talk for the Study Day of the Faculty of Law, University of Hamburg, to colleagues and students on November 15. She introduced the topic of the day "Gender Perspectives in penal law and criminology" with a paper on "Law, Crime and Gender: What about male witches?". In her talk she took the audience on a journey through time - from medieval witches to contemporary ones - and space, demonstrating in which ways culture and society shape gender relations in crime and justice.

Professor Karstedt later gave a paper on the Presidential Panel at the American Society of Criminology Conference in Atlanta, "Situating Crime in the Macro-social and historical context". Her paper was titled: "Does democracy matter for criminologists? Situating Crime in the Institutional Context of the Polity".  In her talk she showed how important democratic values and institutions are for crime and justice in contemporary societies, and how violence skyrockets where institutions fail.

A video of Professor Karstedt’s presentation at the University of St. Petersburg from a CISR Law and Society seminar in May 2013 is now also available to watch.

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