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Dr Clifford Stott quoted in review of play about Stanley Milgram’s infamous social psychology experiments

13 February 2014 |

Dr Stott is quoted in 'The Scientist' review regarding the experiments of Stanley Milgram.

To mark 40 years since Yale University's Stanely Milgram first publised his social psychology experiments, New York City's Ensembke Studio Theatre (EST) dramatise these experiments in their play "Please Continue".

It was prosposed thatMilgram's experiments revealed surprinsing truths surrounding authority, obedience, and human nature.

Dr Stott is quoted: "A lot of these narratives in the plays, songs, and so on are purporting to [give] an answer to the question” about human nature—“that the human condition is open to manipulation by external, pernicious powers, and that there is very little we can do to prevent that,”... "That's clearly not the case".

The full article is available to read online.

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