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Dr Peter Whelan participates at the Antitrust Enforcement Symposium

2 April 2014 |

Dr Peter Whelan, an Associate Professor in Law and the Deputy Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies, attended the Antitrust Enforcement Symposium.

The event took place on 29 March in Washington DC. The symposium was by invite only and brought together renowned experts (judges, officials, practitioners and academics) in the field of competition law enforcement. It was organised in collaboration with The George Washington University Competition Law Center, The Oxford Centre for Competition Law and Policy, and the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement. Dr Whelan is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, which is published by Oxford University Press.

Drawing upon research conducted for this forthcoming monograph with OUP (The Criminalization of European Cartel Enforcement: Theoretical, Legal, and Practical Challenges), Dr Whelan argued that the existence in the EU Member States of criminal sanctions for cartel activity would undermine potential efforts of cartelists to ‘game’ the current system of administrative leniency which is operated by the European Commission. He also argued that without such sanctions there is a (theoretical) possibility for the ‘gaming’ of leniency systems when a ringleader/coercer is unable to apply for leniency under the relevant policy.

 Dr Whelan’s monograph will be published in June 2014.

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