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Dr Pinar Akman publishes her research in Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly

28 February 2014 |

Dr Pinar Akman, Associate Professor in Law and Deputy Director of the Centre for Business Law and Practice, has published her research examining the relationship between the contractual doctrine of economic duress and the competition law prohibition of abuse of a dominant position in Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly.

Dr Akman’s research finds that these doctrines are substantively rather similar, albeit with different functions in different areas of law. The similarity has important implications particularly for commercial litigants who could avail themselves of more favourable remedies such as nullity, damages and compulsory dealing in competition law, in comparison to mere voidability in contract law. The article investigates economic duress cases that could have been also dealt with as abuse of dominance and vice versa. Using this investigation and the relevant theories, the article demonstrates the similarities and the differences between these two legal doctrines, as well as the implications of the intersection between these two doctrines for both claimants in practice and the relevant legal disciplines (ie contract law and competition law) in theory.

The full reference for the publication is: P Akman ‘The Relationship between Economic Duress and Abuse of a Dominant Position’ [2014] Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 99.

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