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Dr Pinar Akman publishes her research in the Legal Studies journal

21 May 2014 |

Dr Pinar Akman, Associate Professor of Law, publishes her competition law research in Legal Studies, the journal of the Society of Legal Scholars.

In her article, Dr Akman, an expert in competition law, relates the findings of her recent research which looked into the role of freedom in EU competition law.  

The article examines the entire jurisprudence of the EU Courts to establish the role of ‘freedom’ in EU competition law as perceived by the EU Courts. This inquiry aims to establish whether ‘ordoliberalism’ (an economic school of thought developed in Germany in 1930-40s) has so fundamentally influenced the jurisprudence that welfare-based objectives cannot be adopted as an/the objective of modern EU competition law.

The article finds that there is little quantitative or qualitative support for the ordoliberal argument when one considers the relevant jurisprudence. Moreover, particularly the quantitative analysis of the jurisprudence and the historical trend raise serious doubts concerning the validity of the orthodox ordoliberal-influence thesis.

The full reference to the article is: P Akman ‘The Role of “Freedom” in EU Competition Law’ (2014) 34 (2) Legal Studies 183-213

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