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Dr Surya Subedi mentioned in article about the current state of Cambodian Politics

24 July 2014 |

Dr Subedi comments about the political upset in Cambodia.

He is referred to in an article in the Economist entitled "The vision thing: the oppostition does not know what to do except obstruct".

The article dictates the current political situation in Cambodia, a year preceeding the general election in which the opposition said it 'was stolen'. On 15 July "protests turned violent when demonstrators against the government of Cambodia’s strongman, Hun Sen, attacked security forces". Three leaders from the opposition Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) were arrested and denied bail. They face charges of insurrection. The CNRP claim the election was rigged thus denying them victory. International pressure is mounting to end the boycott. 

"Even the UN’s human-rights envoy, Surya Subedi, an ardent critic of the government, is urging the CNRP, 55 of whose lawmakers were elected to the 123-seat National Assembly, to be “reasonable and realistic” when negotiating with Mr Hun Sen".

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