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Professor Adam Crawford leads new research project on innovation and investment in policing

7 October 2014 |

A new University of Leeds project is set to bring innovation to policing across West Yorkshire.

The year long project headed by Professor Crawford, has secured £125,000 from the Economic and Social Research Council. The aim of which is to help create opportunities for research, information sharing and skills training, so that knowledge can be exchanged between a research team at the University of Leeds, West Yorkshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire.

The research will focus on four themes: Partnerships and Culture Change, Understanding Acquisitive Crime such as burglary and shoplifting, Community Engagement and also Public Order.

Professor Adam Crawford is quoted: "We are building a stronger partnership of collaboration and a more robust evidence base upon which police can draw. We see this as a pilot project that will transform relationships between police and universities in years to come, with benefits in knowledge creation, innovation and learning that could impact on policing across the United Kingdom."

Fellow School of Law colleagues Stuart Lister and Dr Clifford Stott are also members of the research team.

Read the full press release online.

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