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Subhajit Basu quoted in article on cyberbullying

12 February 2014 |

Associate Professor in Cyberlaw, Subhajit Basu is quoted in an article discussing the role of parents in helping to prevent cyberbullying.

In reponse to a new internet safety campaign, backed by police and university academics in Yorkshire- Professor Basu comments on reports that just 37% of 1,100 parents have spoken to their children about cyberbullying.

He argues that parents need to be more proactive "but in most cases parents’ interference can be counterproductive - they often lack the resources and the knowledge to deal with cyberbullying."

In addition he states that: "Most of them have very little understanding of social networking sites let alone what is cyberbullying and how intrusive or abusive it can be. Social networks, located all over the world, are notoriously difficult to regulate; parents do not block content because they don’t know how to.”

The full article is available to read online.

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