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Dr Pinar Akman conducts a seminar at the Competition Appeal Tribunal

2 July 2015 |

In London on 30 June 2015, Dr Pinar Akman presented her latest research in front of the members of the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

Dr Akman, an Associate Professor at the School of Law specialising in competition law, was the only external speaker at this internal training day. In front of judges, panel members and référendaires, Dr Akman presented at length her latest research concerning the competition law assessment of platform most-favoured-customer clauses adopted by companies such as, Amazon, iBookstore, etc which have recently come under scrutiny of several competition authorities. An abstract of her work - A Competition Law Assessment of Platform Most-Favoured-Customer Clauses - can be found online.

The Competition Appeal Tribunal is a specialist judicial body with cross-disciplinary expertise in law, economics, business and accountancy whose function is to hear and decide cases involving competition or economic regulatory issues. The Tribunal hears the appeals against decisions of the UK competition and sectoral regulatory authorities applying the competition rules, as well as actions for damages between private parties arising out of competition law infringements.

Dr Akman is the author of The Concept of Abuse in EU Competition Law: Law and Economics Approaches (Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2012).

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