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Dr Clifford Stott comments on riot police tactics, raves and rallies

9 November 2015 |

‘Are British Police Tactics Responsible for Clashes at Raves and Rallies?’ is a recently published article that explores the impact of police tactics in riot situations.

Dr Clifford Stott from the University of Leeds School of Law was approached to comment on this issue. As an expert on crowd psychology and public order policing he discusses his research on policing methods that reinforce communication and negotiation as methods to tackle disorder and maximise public safety.

 The article, published on online magazine Vice, discusses the issue in light of recent incidents in the UK, particularly relating to the illegal UK rave scene. Dr Stott discusses how specially trained officers, known as Police Liaison Officers, are being used for protests and events.

 His research has had a major influence on policing at public events and protests. Findings from his research have informed a review of public protest policing, which was instigated after the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 summit demonstrations in 2009. As a result of this the University commended Dr Stott through this year’s Vice-Chancellors Impact Awards, which will fund further research.

You can read the article and Dr Stott’s contribution here:

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