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Dr Peter Whelan delivers guest lecture at the University of Oxford

9 March 2015 |

Dr Peter Whelan delivered a guest lecture on a forthcoming publication of his that will appear in the Modern Law Review.

On 6 March 2015, Dr Whelan, an Associate Professor at the School of Law, delivered a guest lecture at the Faculty of Laws, University of Oxford. The lecture was delivered under the ‘Guest Lecturer Programme’ operated by the Centre for Competition Law and Policy at the University of Oxford. Specifically, the 60 minute lecture involved the presentation of Dr Whelan’s forthcoming publication in the Modern Law Review which analyses the recent reform of the UK Cartel Offence.

Dr Whelan’s presentation examined in detail the specific reforms of the Cartel Offence and argued that, although considerable improvement has been made, the UK authorities currently have at their disposal a criminal offence that is fundamentally flawed and unworkable in practice. He therefore argued that further reform is advised.

The lecture was chaired by Professor Ariel Ezrachi and was attended by staff and students. A questions and answers session followed the lecture.


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