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Dr Peter Whelan presents competition law research in Japan

27 May 2015 |

Dr Peter Whelan, an Associate Professor at the School of Law, presented his recent Modern Law Review article at the 10th ASCOLA Conference in Tokyo.

On 22 May in Tokyo, Dr Peter Whelan presented a paper at the 10th Annual Conference of the Academic Society for Competition Law (‘ASCOLA’). The conference was held over three days at Meiji University and brought together a global mix of scholars active in the field of competition law.

Dr Whelan presented a paper entitled ‘Section 47 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013: A Flawed Reform of the UK Cartel Offence’.  Specifically, Dr Whelan’s presentation examined in detail the recent legislative reforms of the UK’s criminal Cartel Offence and argued that, although considerable improvement has been made, the UK authorities currently have at their disposal a criminal offence that is fundamentally flawed and unworkable in practice. Dr Whelan’s paper has just been published in the Modern Law Review.

ASCOLA was founded in Munich in November 2003 as an academic association of lawyers and economists specialised in competition law and policy. Its foundation reacts to the process of economic globalisation and the spread of competition law and policy all around the world. ASCOLA engages in scholarly research by promoting exchange between scholars from all around the world in the framework of annual conferences and via the publication of the proceedings.

More information can be found on the ASCOLA website.

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