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Dr. Raphael Heffron publishes book on ‘Deconstructing Energy Law and Policy’

29 April 2015 |

Dr. Raphael Heffron has just had a book published by Edinburgh University Press with the title of Deconstructing Energy Law and Policy: The Case of Nuclear Energy.

In his new book, Dr Heffron considers the component parts of successful energy law and policy for nuclear energy in the 21st century. 

"Nuclear power has been a consideration and part of energy policies of many countries across the world since its emergence as an electricity provider after the Second World War. Nuclear energy is a low-carbon energy source and therefore can contribute to reducing the effects of climate change. However, it is also faced with issues of high start-up costs, risk and waste disposal.

Drawing on over 90 interviews completed across Belgium (Brussels), Romania, the United States, and the United Kingdom, this book focusses on the development and formulation of energy law and policy in civil nuclear energy in the EU, the US and beyond. Heffron deconstructs the constituent parts of effective energy law and policy within the complex and often controversial energy industry. Pulling out what has and what has not worked, he suggests ways to improve the delivery of the central aims of law and policy."

To get in in touch with Raphael about this book and his own research in this area please contact him by email.

Full book reference:

Heffron. R. J. 2015. Deconstructing Energy Law and Policy: The Case of Nuclear Energy. Edinburgh University Press: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

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