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Funding Opportunities to Support Innovation and Research Co-production from the N8 Policing Research Partnership.

3 December 2015 |

Funding to Support Innovation and Research Co-production from the N8 Policing Research Partnership Catalyst Project.

Call for Small Grant Awards 2015 – 2016

The Small Grants Awards open call will provide pump-priming funds of up to £25,000 to support research into targeted and important areas of policing work where the gaps in knowledge are most prominent and where research benefits are of greatest value. It will provide the necessary flexibility to move swiftly to respond to emergent areas of policing, new challenges and pressing concerns. Ideas generated via the ‘Policing Innovation Forum’ activity strand (which in October 2015 was on the theme of Cyber-crime) are particularly welcomed as are proposals that link to other activity strands and ensure stakeholder involvement in the choice of topics for research co-production.

The intention is to support emergent collaborations and innovative partnerships between researchers and policing partners and research pilots that will result in applications for larger funding grants. We are focusing the Catalyst Project Small Grants Awards towards building multi-partner collaborations. The purpose of allocating funds is to facilitate and energise the development of proposals for collaborations – we expect this to take the form of short projects, delivering a proposal for larger scale collaborations. This funding is for the strategic development of research collaborations, as well as research itself.

Applicants are asked to complete the following application form in line with the criteria detailed in the ‘Process for applying for Catalyst project Small Grant Awards’.

Setting out proposals for activities costing up to £25,000. Please note that these activities must be completed by 31 March 2017 at which point funding will no longer be available.

Applicants should submit the application to Dr. Jill Clark by Thursday 14th January 2016

Applications will be considered by the N8 PRP Catalyst Project independent panel and awarded by the project Steering Group in late March 2016.

Confirmation of funding decisions will be made following this Steering Group with the intention that projects will be able to start as soon as possible from the beginning of April 2016.

Full details, including the process for applying and the application form can be found on our website here.

Please direct any queries to the N8 PRP project assistant Lauren Gale 

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