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'Leeds 2 - Manchester 2'; School of Law staff receive degree classifications

21 December 2015 |

By an amazing twist of fate, two members of the School of Law academic team found themselves seated side by side in a degree ceremony at the University of Manchester on 15 December 2015.

Dr Beverley Clough graduated with the degree of PhD based on her thesis, 'Exploring the Potential of Relational Approaches to Mental Capacity Law'. The thesis examines the Mental Capacity Act 2005, and the domestic law surrounding it, which has been criticised by domestic law-makers and at an international level. Exploring the theoretical debates in this context leads to her conclusion that the Act promulgates an individualistic approach to the concept of mental capacity, and does not adequately reflect the reality and lived experiences of those deemed to lack capacity or their informal carers. Beverley joined the School of Law at the University of Leeds in July 2015 as a Lecturer and is planning further publications in the field of health care, ethics, and the law.

Professor Emeritus Clive Walker graduated with the degree of LL.D. The degree was awarded for his work related to 'Terrorism and the Law'. How to combat the risk and incidence of terrorism while preserving constitutional values has been an acute problem for many years in the United Kingdom because of Irish and colonial political violence. It became recognised as a global problem after September 11, 2001. Clive’s research has addressed this problem by analysing, criticising, and influencing the formation, design, development, and governance of counter-terrorism laws, included through funded research and profound engagement with government officials, law enforcement bodies, and other criminal justice agencies. The award puts Clive in exalted company. No Law School staff member has been awarded an LL.D. since Professor Julius Stone in 1973.

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