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New Publication on Contingencies and Emergencies from Prof Clive Walker

14 May 2015 |

Professor Walker has recently released a new publication.

The book entitled, Contingencies, Resilience and Legal Constitutionalism, edited by Professor Clive Walker (Routledge, 2015) seeks to analyse and criticise the legal developments in contingencies and resilience on a comparative basis, which engages with not only law and constitutionalism but also political theory and policy, including relations between public and private, national and local, and civil and military.

Two transcending themes are of interest. One is institutional or structural – what bodies and power relations should we establish in a late modern world where Critical National Infrastructure is mainly held in private hands? The second is dynamic and concerns the grant of powers and arrangements for live responses. Both aspects are subjected to a strong critical stance based in 'constitutionalism', which demands state legitimacy even in extreme situations by the observance of legality, effectiveness, accountability, and individual rights. The book arises from an ESRC funded seminar series, and an earlier version was published (at the kind invitation of Dr Amrita Mukherjee) in the International Journal of Human Rights.

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