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Professor Christopher Bruner visits as Liberty Fellow

7 October 2015 | Alex Greenwood

Professor Christopher Bruner visits as Liberty Fellow

Professor Christopher Bruner will be visiting the School of Law as a Liberty Fellow in November 2015. Professor Bruner is the William Donald Bain Family Professor of Corporate Law at Washington and Lee University. He will be a guest of the Centre for Business Law and Practice and will deliver a public lecture on 9 November 2015 on The Political Foundations of Shareholder Power.

This lecture is based on Christopher Bruner’s recent monograph ‘Corporate Governance in the Common-Law World: The Political Foundations of Shareholder Power’ (Cambridge University Press, 2013), which presents a new comparative theory to explain this divergence and explores the theory's ramifications for law and public policy.

Bruner argues that regulatory structures affecting other stakeholders' interests – notably differing degrees of social welfare protection for employees – have decisively impacted the degree of political opposition to shareholder-centric policies across the common-law world. These dynamics remain powerful forces today, and understanding them will be vital as post-crisis reforms continue to take shape.

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