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UN Special Rapporteur for Cambodia, Professor Surya Subedi, will end his mandate with an optimistic outlook

5 February 2015 |

As Professor Subedi’s term as Special Rapporteur for Cambodia comes to an end, a press statement regarding his final mission in the country details the progress made during his mandate.

Professor Subedi has been the UN Special Rapporteur for the Kingdom of Cambodia since 2009 with the task of assessing and reporting on the situation of human rights within the country. He has worked with the Government and civil society to foster international cooperation in this field and has undertaken regular human rights visits to the country throughout his term. 

Professor Subedi completed his last mission to the country in January 2015, releasing a final report and press statement detailing the progress made during his mandate. Read the full press release.

Many of the recommendations by Professor Subedi, especially those relating to judicial, electoral and land reform, have been implemented by the government, with other suggestions in the process of being realised. The parliament of Cambodia has enacted three laws designed to enhance the independence and capacity of the judiciary and amended the Constitution of the country to make the National Election Commission a constitutional, independent, and autonomous body, in line with the recommendations made by Professor Subedi.

Additionally, Phnom Penh Post, the main English daily for Cambodia, also published an article regarding Professor Subedi’s final mission, accompanied by a video discussing the changes he has implemented. Read the article and watch the video.

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