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New Edition of International Investment Law Book Published

16 June 2016 |

A new and substantially revised edition of an internationally acclaimed book entitled, ‘International Investment Law: Reconciling Policy and Principle’ by Professor & Barrister Surya P. Subedi, O.B.E., Professor of International Law at the School of Law has been published by Hart Publishing, Oxford.

Now in its third edition, the book offers an up-to-date, critical overview of the law of foreign investment, incorporating a thorough and succinct analysis of the principles and standards of treatment available to foreign investors in international law.

A major feature of the book is that it deals with the tension between the law of foreign investment and other competing principles of international law. In doing so, it proposes ways of achieving a balance between these principles and the need to protect the legitimate rights and expectations of foreign investors on the one hand, and the need not to restrict unduly the right of host governments to implement their public policy, including the protection of the environment and human rights, and the promotion of social and economic justice within the host country, on the other.

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