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Professor de la Feria interviewed by BBC and ABC Australia

12 April 2016 |

As the evolving case of the Panama Papers proves tax has increasingly become a topic for discussion and worldwide debate. As Professor de la Feria says in an interview on ABC Australia:

“I have been working on tax for about 20 years and I have never seen so much attention dedicated to tax issues.”

In the first interview with ABC Australia, Professor de la Feria explains how the US government prevented the Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to merge with Allergan for a tax advantage, which was the main incentive.

Watch the interview on the ABC Australia website:

Pharmaceutical giants Pfizer, Allergan ditch $212 billion merger (4mins)

In the second interview with BBC World Service she explains how much VAT is worth to EU member countries, how it is being defrauded and how the EU are proposing to combat this.

Listen to the interview on the BBC website:

World Business Report: Panama Commission Will Consider Banking Transparency (Plays from 19.00 minutes)


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