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Professor Rita de la Feria in International Tax Review's Global Tax 50

15 December 2016 | Katie Hempshall

Professor Rita de la Feria has been highlighted as one of the top 50 most influential individuals in the tax world in the International Tax Review’s Global Tax 50.

The International Tax Review’s Global Tax 50 is now in its sixth year and is decided based on who is thought to have had the biggest impact on taxation during the past 12 months.

Rita’s profile is included in the Global Tax 50 where she speaks about her tax tour this year which has involved travelling across four continents, 16 countries and 19 cities, something which she says has “not only changed my work but changed me forever”.

The entry mentions how Rita has spoken at conferences and advised governments on tax law and policy. At the beginning of the year she presented a draft VAT law to East Timor’s government, parliament along with other stakeholders in her position as a tax adviser to the government. The final draft is expected to be approved by the end of the year, coming into effect on 1 January 2018.

It also mentions Rita’s work on the paper ‘What is the Concept of Permanent Establishment (PE) in the Context of the Globalised and Digitalised Economy’ in which she looked at PE in relation to indirect and direct taxation. In addition, she has also co-written a paper which proposed a new framework to assess the impact of European Court of Justice Jurisprudence on the construction of a European internal market.

In recent months, Rita has spoken in Brussels at the IMF and the European Commission’s conference on tax, investment and innovation, in addition to the UK’s Public Accounts Committee’s Global tax transparency summit which took place earlier this month.

Read Rita’s full entry in the Global Tax 50 here

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