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Professor Rita de la Feria presents VAT law proposal to Government and Parliament in East Timor

22 February 2016 |

Professor Rita de la Feria with members of the East Timor Fiscal Reform Commission.

In November 2015, Professor Rita de la Feria was appointed as a tax advisor to the Government of East Timor, with responsibility for drafting a new VAT law for the country.  The new VAT is part of a wider fiscal reform process undertaken by the country, which will also include reforms of its tax administration, amendments to existing income tax laws, and a new tax procedural law.  Applied by over 150 countries around the world, VAT would represent a new reliable and stable source of revenue for the country.

In early February this year Professor de la Feria undertook a serious of political meetings in East Timor, presenting the proposed VAT law to Government, Parliament, and other stakeholders in the country.  The law is now on course for final approval by Parliament in June, with entry into force of the new VAT planned for January 1st, 2018.

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