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The Yorkshire Post explores Dr David Churchill’s research, on what the city’s green spaces mean to those who use them.

8 July 2016 |

They were once referred to as the “lungs of Leeds”.  How are these spaces used now? Dr Churchill’s research team is helping to shape future recreation policy and you can have your say.

This week the Yorkshire Post featured an article about the role of parks in city life which explores lecturer in Law Dr David Churchill’s research. Dr Churchill says in the article:

“Many of the public parks we have today were bought by the council in Victorian times when they were deemed as vital for public health due to their abundance of fresh air. In fact, parks were referred to as the ‘lungs of Leeds’, or as ‘ventilators’ of the city,”
“Many of the public health arguments behind the parks are still relevant today.”

“This project is taking place at a particularly challenging time for parks, in terms of demands on budgets and space. We need to think creatively about how they are governed to ensure sustainable uses for them are found.”

The research project is being run in partnerships with the Leeds City Council, and the findings will help shape recreation policy in the city in the future.

Want to feed into this research and help shape recreation policy in the future?

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 You can read the full article in the Yorkshire post here.

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