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Leeds academic called to the Bar in Italy

31 January 2018 | Rebecca Stephenson

Leeds academic called to the Bar in Italy

Dr Roberto Musotto, Research Fellow at the School of Law has been called to the bar in Italy. Dr Musotto was sworn in at the house of the Bar Association of Palermo (Ordine degli Avvocati di Palermo).

Dr Musotto was called to the bar by the Italian Bar Association after passing a two-stage exam after his pupillage ended, making him one of the youngest in Sicily and Italy to pass the Bar at that intake (2015).

As part of the ceremony he swore to be loyal, to honour and to be diligent in his profession in front of a board of senior barristers, reading the article 8 of the law, number 247 of 2012 on Bar Associations.

Speaking about his appointment Dr Musotto said: 

“Being loyal, honourable and diligent in my professional duties are constant values that have always driven my actions and now I will have the opportunity to express publicly my loyalty to the Italian Republic, its laws, institutions and to the Bar deontological code. I will now have the honour to wear a court dress in the ceremony and from that moment on public trials, which is the metaphor of the spotless conduct I kept during my pupillage and I will keep in the future. Being diligent is key because a barrister is the ultimate defender of people's rights, the keeper of every call for justice, hopes, expectations and even fate; therefore I will be always be attentive, thorough, precise, punctual, zealous, meticulous - in one word - precisely, diligent.”

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