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Khulood Al-Bader
Domestic violence: a comparative study between Kuwait and England and Wales

Mahmoud Al-Madani
Reforming minority shareholder protection in Saudi Arabia and UAE (Dubai): does English company law offer a way forward?

Ali Al Madawi
Banking regulation and the reputation of International Financial Centres

Razan Alben-Ali
Compulsory pre-marital screening in Kuwait

Khalifa A Alfadhel
Conceptual Problems in the Application of the Democratic Norm in International Law to the Political Societies of the Arab World

Hamdan Darwish G Alghamdi
The Effect of Public Policy on the Enforcement of International Arbitration Award: A Comparative Study of England and Saudi Arabia

Saleh Rashed Alhamrani
Insider Dealing In the Stock Market Environment: A Comparative Study between American, British and Emirates Laws

Saad Saeed Alotaibi
The Saudi arbitration law and its compatibility with English law

Noura Aloumi
Suspects: Rights and Police Malpractice in the Pre-trial Process of the Kuwait Criminal Justice System

Bader A. Alrajhi
Terrorism and the law of Kuwait: local responses to universal threats and international demands

Isaac Lartey Annan
Implementing the Right to Development in Ghana: Obligation of international co-operation in international law

Zainal Ayub
Digital Evidence in Crimes: A Study on the Search and Seizure Procedure in Malaysia


Chu Van Dung
The Investigation of Transnational Crime in Vietnam: with reference to the England and Wales, and the European Union

Mike Cooper
Why Burglars Burgle: Offenders' Motives and Decision Making


Paul Emong
An investigation into the realisation of human rights for disabled people in higher education in Uganda through disability legislation


Andrea Gideon
European Higher Education Institutions under EU Law constraints: An interdisciplinary analysis of the position of European higher education institutions between directly applicable EU law and their public service mission

Cheng Soon Goh
Regulation and Integration of the Practice of Traditional Medicine in Malaysia


Kathy Hampson
Young offenders and emotional intelligence


Argyro Karanasiou
Traditional freedom of speech at a turning point: Freedom of online speech and regulation keeping the balance between protection, abuse and censorship in a transnational environment


Jo Large
Criminality, Consumption and the Counterfeiting of Fashion Goods

Miss Shuang Liang
Protecting foreign investors in Chinese PFIPs: the case for international standards


Jess Mant
MA by research: LASPO, Families and Structural Vulnerability

Jule Mulder
EU Non-discrimination Law in the Courts: a multilayered comparison of juridical approaches to (in)direct sex and sexualities discrimination in EU law and its implementation in Germany and the Netherlands


Sylvia Ntube Ngane
The position of witnesses before the International Criminal Court (ICC)


Heloísa Perista
Living with science: time for care and career progression - a gendered balance?

Ludivine Petetin
Food Safety in Modern Biotechnology: the Regulation in the EU, the US and WTO Law

Jompon Pitaksantayothin
Regulating Sexually Explicit Content on the Internet : towards the reformation of the Thai regulatory approach


Kaniz I Sattar-Shafiq
The law on terrorism and the British Muslim Kashmiri communities

Mr Joshua Skoczylis
The local prevention of terrorism in strategy and practice: ‘Contest’ a new era in the fight against terrorism


Thi Lan Anh Tran
Vietnam's Membership of the WTO: An analysis of the transformations of a socialist economy into an open economy with special reference to the TRIPS regime and patent law.

Ho Hai Truong
The development of human rights culture in Vietnam, 1986 to present


John Wood
The Emergency of a Corporate Rescue Culture: a critical analysis of theory and policy - has it been successful'?

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