School of Law

Research Student: Mahmoud Al-Madani

Reforming minority shareholder protection in Saudi Arabia and UAE (Dubai): does English company law offer a way forward?

Basically, this research has three main stages.

The first stage: I will examine the present position in SA and the UAE as far as minority shareholder protection is concerned. I will identify the weaknesses and inefficient aspects of the two models by demonstrating the failure of the statute to protect the minority.

The second stage: I will study in depth the crucial comparative model, which is English company law, in terms of minority shareholder protection. However, I will also examine the developments that have led the statute to come to this extent in providing statutory protection for the minority.

Nonetheless, English company law is evidently not ready to offer such a reform as there are certain aspects need to be initially improved within. Then it can offer such a reform.

The third stage: finally, I will show how the two models can learn from English company law's long experience in dealing with minority shareholder protection. In addition, I will indicate which statutory provisions in the English minority shareholder laws can be adopted and to what extent it needs adaption.

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