School of Law

Research Student: Bader A. Alrajhi

Terrorism and the law of Kuwait: local responses to universal threats and international demands

This thesis will focus on five issues regarding terrorism and counterterrorism in Kuwait.

It will first provide a comprehensive understanding of the threats and the phenomenon of terrorism in Kuwait since its independence in 1961.

Second, this thesis will discuss the counterterrorism policies and agenda that Kuwait has adopted to react to terrorism.

Third, the criminal offences related to terrorism in Kuwait will be examined.

Fourth, this thesis will evaluate measures intended to thwart financing terrorism in Kuwait.

Finally, this thesis will examine and assess the Kuwaiti involvement in regional efforts to combat terrorism with special reference to the GCC counterterrorism convention as a regional response to terrorism.

Additionally, as this thesis is going to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the abovementioned reactions by the Kuwaiti government, the thesis will also assess whether these reactions have impacted Kuwaiti constitutional values. Therefore, this research project will evaluate the fairness and appropriateness of these reactions with regard to Kuwaiti constitutional law and also with regard to international laws, including human rights.

Finally, this thesis will consider the reality that many of the causes of terrorism and many of the possible solutions to these causes do not originate in Kuwait.

Nevertheless, Kuwait is not immune to the consequences of terrorism and the efforts of international laws and international partners to stop it. Therefore, this thesis will assess how far Kuwait, as a country in an area of the world that is greatly affected by terrorism, is able to look after its own interests in this regard.

This analysis is especially important, since Kuwait is a small country surrounded by much larger, more powerful, and largely unstable countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq. This thesis will also consider the impact of Kuwait’s alliance with the United States.

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