School of Law

Research Student: Mr Joshua Skoczylis

The local prevention of terrorism in strategy and practice: ‘Contest’ a new era in the fight against terrorism

Photo of Mr Joshua Skoczylis

The aim of my PhD is to understand CONTEST, the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy focusing on Prevent a workstream within CONTEST and the role.

My research seeks to explore how the government is implementing Prevent and looks at the governance and performance of Prevent. On the other hand, I will also be looking at how Muslim communities view Prevent and its implementation, as well as how it affects community relations and trust between these communities and the authorities.

In terms of outcomes, the research will look at these conflicts mentioned above and how this conflict can be managed within the Prevent workstream, increasing de-radicalisation, less community tension and a better working relationship between the affected communities and the authorities in their fight against radicalisation and terrorism.

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